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Launching of Level(s) indicators: 2020 - 2021

Following the 2 year testing phase for the beta version of Level(s), the JRC B.5 have now finalised the first official version of 16 core indicators for Level(s). These indicators are spread across 6 key macro-objectives for the building sector: greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions; resource efficiency; water use; health and comfort; resilience and adaptation; and cost and value

The launch of the indicators is accompanied by two introductory documents: User manual 1 for lay readers and newcomers to Level(s); and User manual 2 for clients and professionals who wish to incorporate Level(s) into their building project.

User manual 3 has been split into 16 parts, one for each indicator. These documents provide a short introductory briefing for the indicator in question, step-by-step instructions about how to apply the indicator at the different Level(s) and supporting guidance. Some indicators also now have associated excel templates to help calculate or record data.

It can be foreseen that the User manual 3 files will evolve in time, especially the guidance sections, as users provide feedback and as both standards and methods evolve.

Level(s) beta version testing phase: 2018 - 2020

Before Level(s) could be launched on the market and start constituting a basis for different policy and business initiatives, the beta version of Level(s) was thoroughly tested by building professionals across Europe.

The European Commission opened a two-year testing phase for Level(s) in spring 2018. With the support of the JRC B.5, which managed the testing process on behalf of DG Environment, more than 130 building projects in 21 countries were registered to test Level(s). See the DG Environment website here for more details.

Quantitative results and survey feedback was received from 80 different projects in 16 countries. These results were analysed by the JRC and findings were presented at a Level(s) conference held in Brussels on 20 February 2020. Feedback received during the conference and in a subsequent written consultation period ending on 20 March 2020. The final outcome of the testing phase was a JRC report identifying horizontal themes and technical updates that need to be addressed for the beta version of Level(s).

Level(s) beta version development: 2015 - 2017

After the publication of COM(2014)445 on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector, the JRC began research into defining a common European approach to assess the environmental performance of buildings, on behalf of DG Environment and DG Growth.

This work resulted in the publication of two working papers. The first paper was about identifying “macro-objectives” for the building sector and the second paper was about identifying specific performance indicators that could be embedded within those macro-objectives.

In 2017, these indicators were complimented by an introductory document about Level(s) and a more detailed document about how to apply the Level(s) indicators in building projects. Together, these two documents constituted the beta version of Level(s).