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The first phase of the study was carried out by JRC B.5 from February 2018 to March 2019, and resulted in the report “Analysis and development of a scoring system for repair and upgrade of products”. This report was used by DG ENV as basis for the further analysis and discussion with Member States and other stakeholders about the potential development of a reparability label (2019-2020).

The first product-specific application of the RSS was on the product groups of Smartphones and Tablets. The study used the aforementioned general JRC method developed in 2019, which follows the methodological steps and proceeds with the choices that are deemed appropriate for these product groups. In order to ensure the applicability of the method in a real-life context, the study also included the calibration of the scale of reparability scoring and the validation of the results. The RSS for smartphones and tablets study was completed in 2022.