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To register as a stakeholder please follow the link below, fill in mandatory information and select the specific Product Group for your registration.

Link to register

Registration for BATIS collaborative tool platform.

Please note that if you have an active account in BATIS 2 with EU login, and you are registered already in any working group, to register in additional working groups proceed as follows:

  1. In the case that new users would like to register to any specific Product Group, as a first step to receive the scientific approval they need to request it in the following link providing all fields information: Registration for Product Groups
  2. It is mandatory that stakeholders interested to be registered in BATIS to have first an EU login account.  If they do not have an EU Login yet, they can create an account following these steps:
  • Open an internet browser, go to the EU Login page ( and click 'Create an account'.
  • Complete the requested information and click 'Create an account'. The system will send you an email to activate the account.
  • Open this new email message and click the link to confirm the registration. The link is valid for 24 h. If it has expired, please repeat the registration process.
  • After clicking the link, a webpage opens where you can set your personal password.
  • Choose a password and click 'Submit'. Afterward, you will be informed that your EU Login account has been created.

An easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to obtain EU Login is also available here.

  1. Once you have EU Login, you need to access the new platform ( and request as follows:

Please note that if you do not request account accordingly (New or Match) the system will not allow us to proceed with registration, and we will have to disregard the request causing delays in the registrations.

NEW account (if you never had a BATIS account or it was deleted after 2 years of inactivity period in the platform)

New account

In the case you are requesting a NEW account please include in the notes full name, email, organisation and its address information you work for, and the mentioning of the Product Group you would like to be added (i.e. Paints and Varnishes). Once your information is included in the internal use Sharepoint list by the scientific staff, we will verify and validate your registration. Therefore, you will receive a notification from the system.


MATCH account (if you had in the previous version of BATIS an account).

Match account

In the case you would like to update the information provided before in this step, please do so including in the notes full name, email, organisation and its address information you work for, and the mention of the Product Group you would like to be added.

Once we validate your request, you will receive an automatic email stating that your account have been matched. Please check all available guidelines in the Help tab of the new BATIS platform in the following link:

Should you need further assistance, please contact us in the FMB including in CC the specific Product Group FMB

Data protection information. The collection of all personal data in this processing operation is based in consent and it is freely given in a non-mandatory processing operation and the voluntary use of BATIS 2 platform with EU login account. Should you need to exercise your personal data rights please contact the FMB

Should you wish to register in BATIS platform the system will prompt you the privacy statement to be accepted. Please consult it following this link Privacy statement.