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The EU Ecolabel project followed the methodology reported in the Annex I of the Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 of the European Parliament and the council of 25 November 2009 on the EU Ecolabel.


1: Preliminary report including:

  • Product definition and classification
  • Economic and market analysis
  • Technical and environmental analysis

2: Technical report including criteria proposal and supporting rationale. Several intermediate versions were produced during the process.

Project timeline

This project was relaunched in February 2021.

The vote for the revised criteria happened in March 2023.


The First Ad-Hoc Working Group (AHWG) meeting on the revision of the EU Ecolabel criteria for AHP and RMC took place in an online format on Thursday 14th October 2021, from 9:00 to 18:00. Documents related to this meeting can be found here.

The Second AHWG meeting took place in an online format on June 7th 2022 (AHP and RMC) and June 8th 2022 (for Reusable Menstrual Cups). Documents related to this meeting can be found here.

Stakeholder consultation

There is no ongoing stakeholder consultation at the moment.


The final activity of the EU Ecolabel criteria revision project will be an explanatory session held via webinar on the 11 October 2023 to explain in more detail how the criteria for “Absorbent Hygiene Products and Reusable Menstrual Cups” should be applied and to introduce participants to the User Manual. The User Manual files and the slides and recording of the webinar will be available on the DG ENV website.

The Manual containing Green Public Procurement criteria is under development.