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Repairing toolsWelcome to the website about Reparability Scoring System

The Commission communication on the Circular Economy Action Plan lays the foundation for a series of measures towards accelerating the transition towards a more circular economy and sustainable products. This can be supported through a series of measures aiming to make products more durable, easier to repair, reuse or recycle. In particular, improving the reparability and upgradability of products can potentially benefit both the environment and the economy by limiting the early replacement of products and saving resources.

This website provides information about the development of a ‘Repair Scoring System’ (RSS) and its implementation on various product categories. The project started with the development of a general method for RSS and was carried out for the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Environment (DG ENV) by the Circular Economy & Sustainable Industry unit of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (DG JRC-B.5). It is now being followed by product-specific applications, with smartphones and tablets having been the first project.

Stakeholder involvement is crucial for data collection and analysis. Engagement of stakeholders was ensured through a structured Technical Working Group (TWG) process.