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Green Public Procurement for Office Buildings


New GPP Documents 2014-2016

June 2016 GPP Criteria (Final) available on the EC website SWD(2016) 180 final
June 2016 GPP Technical background report (Final) GPP_OfficeBuildings_TechnicalReport_final.pdf
June 2016 GPP Procurement guidance (Final) GPP_OfficeBuildings_Guidance_final.pdf
December 2014 GPP Criteria proposal (Draft v1) GPP Office Building criteria_2014 draft v1.pdf
December 2014 GPP Technical background report (Draft v1) GPP Office Building report_2014 draft v1.pdf
December 2014 GPP Procurement guidance (Draft v1) GPP Office Building guidance_2014 Draft v1.pdf

Documents Archive 2011-2012

In order to keep you informed in more detail about the study progress, we list on this page key public access documents in 'most recent first' order.

February 2012 Summary of the meeting for GPP for office building   Summary_AHWG_GPP.pdf
December 2011 GPP draft criteria proposal GPP_draft_criteria_proposal.pdf
December 2011 Working document for GPP criteria GPP_working_document.pdf
November 2011 Technical background study Technical_background.pdf
June 2011 Draft report: Economic and market analysis Market analysis.pdf
June 2011 Draft report: Product definition and scope Product definition.pdf


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