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The Communications from the European Commission COM(2015) 614 'Closing the loop - An EU action plan for the Circular Economy' and COM(2016) 773 'Ecodesign Working Plan 2016-2019' point out the increased importance of improving the resource efficiency of products in order to promote a transition towards a more circular economy in the EU. This can be for instance supported through a series of measures aiming to make products more durable, easier to repair, reuse or recycle. In particular, improving the reparability and upgradability of products can potentially benefit both the environment and the economy by limiting the early replacement of products and thus saving resources . However, the design of products needs to be aided by appropriate assessment methods.

In this context, the European Commission has now launched a study to analyse and develop a potential scoring system to rate the ability to repair and - where relevant - upgrade products. This study will be carried out by the Commission's Joint Research Centre (Directorate B, Circular Economy & Industrial Leadership Unit).

The technical background resulting from the study may be used to set the framework and grounds for the development of a graphical label. Please note that the development of a graphical label per se will be conducted separately to this work package, by expert consultants specialised in this field, in wide consultation with stakeholders, especially end-consumers.


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