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EU Ecolabel development for Wooden floor coverings  


Working documents

In order to keep you informed in more detail about the study progress, we list on this page key public access documents in 'most recent first' order.

The documents made available are made available for review. We welcome your comments and suggestions on these working documents as this will help us in improving them and we will take into account your point of view in formulating revisions.
Please use our standard stakeholder feedback form to submit comments on working documents.

Background information

Date Description Link
January 2016 Technical report v4.0 TR4.0 WFC
January 2016 3rd draft criteria presented at EUEB meeting JAN 16 with track changes Legal text EUEB Jan 16-flooring type tables
January 2016 3rd draft criteria presented at EUEB meeting JAN 16 clean Legal text EUEB Jan 16-clean
November 2015 Technical report v3.0 TR3.5 WFC
November 2015 Legal Text WFC Nov 15 Legal Text 3.5
May 2015 Minutes 2nd AHWG meeting Minutes
May 2015 Slides presentation 2nd AHWG meeting Slides
April 2015 EU Ecolabel WFC criteria preamble act WFC criteria preamble act
April 2015 Technical report v2.0 TR2.7 WFC
April 2015 Legal Text WFC May 15 Legal Text WFC
October 2014 1st-AHWG-minutes-GM 1st-AHWG minutes
September 2014 Technical report sept 2014 Technical report
September 2014 Preliminary report sept 2014 pdf
March 2014 Presentation EUEB pdf
March 2014


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