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In order to keep you informed in more detail about the study progress, we list on this page key public access documents in 'most recent first' order.

This section contains the documents under review. We welcome your comments and suggestions on these working documents as this will help us in improving them and take into account your point of view in an appropriate manner.

Date Description Link
January 2014 Preliminary Report - Key Findings Preliminary Report - Key Findings
December 2013 EU Ecolabel and GPP Final Technical Report Final Technical Report
November 2013 Commission Decision 2013/641/EU Commission Decision 2013/641/EU
June 2013 Table of comments Table_comments.pdf
May 2013 Technical background report_May 2013 Technical report_May.pdf
April 2013 Preliminary report revised Preliminary report.pdf
  - Preliminary report Scoping Scoping document final.pdf
  - Preliminary report Task 1 Product definition.pdf
  - Preliminary report Task 2 & 3 Market analisys and User behaviour.pdf
  - Preliminary report Task 4 Base Case Assessment.pdf
  - Preliminary report Task 5 BAT and_BNAT.pdf
December 2012 GPP draft criteria proposal_revised GPP_criteria_rev.pdf
December 2012 EU Ecolabel draft criteria proposal_revised Ecolabel_criteria_rev.pdf
November 2012 Consultation for derogation Derogation_consultation.pdf
November 2012 BAT and BNAT report BAT-BNAT_report.pdf
July 2012 Minutes 2nd AHWG Meeting Minutes_2nd_AHWG.pdf
July 2012 Presentations 2nd AHWG meeting Presentation_2_AHWG.pdf
July 2012 GPP draft criteria proposal - revised GPP_criteria_2.pdf
May 2012 GPP draft criteria proposal GPP_criteria.pdf
May 2012 EU Ecolabel draft criteria proposal Ecolabel_criteria.pdf
May 2012 Technical background report Technical_background.pdf
May 2012 Base-case assessment report (update) Base_case_update.pdf
November 2011 Minutes 1st AHWG Meeting Minutes_1st_AHWG.pdf
October 2011 Presentations 1st AHWG Meeting Presentations_1st_AHWG.pdf
October 2011 Background report (draft) Background_report.pdf
October 2011 Base-case assessment report (draft) Base_case_report.pdf
October 2011 Market analysis & Consumer behaviour report (draft) Mark_and_Consumer_report.pdf
January 2011 Product definition report (draft) Product_definition_report.pdf
January 2011 Scoping Document (draft) Scoping document.pdf


In the course of the pilot project, questionnaires will be used to collect information and comments from stakeholders. You can find the questionnaires for download below.

Date Description Link
June 2011 2nd questionnaire Questionnaire_2.doc
June 2011 Background information for 2nd questionnaire Background_information_2.pdf
March 2011 1st questionnaire Questionnaire_1.doc
March 2011 Background information for 1st questionnaire Background_information_1.pdf


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