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Documents and Stakeholders

For the management of stakeholder communication, the JRC uses a bespoke software called BATIS. All documents and questionnaires of the project are accessible for registered stakeholders using this communication tool.

You can register as stakeholder on this website.

A selection of documents is listed openly on this page in 'most recent first' order.


This section contains the main documents used as reference, and Directorate B working documents. We welcome your comments and suggestions on these working documents, as this will help us improving them and take your views on board. To be able to comment them, you need to be registered as stakeholder (Technical Working Group member) in the JRC stakeholder communication internet tool, called BATIS.

Date Description Link
12/11/2018 Minutes and agenda of the Transitional methods meeting held in Ispra, 31/10/18 Agenda

12/11/2018 Slides presented at Transitional Methods meeting held in Ispra, 31/10/18 1. Introduction

2. System energy yield

3. Inverter efficiency

4. Degradation

5. Service life

6. Horizontal standards

7. Circular considerations
10/09/2018 Draft minutes of 1st Stakeholder meeting, 29/06/18 Draft meeting 1 minutes
05/07/2018 Slides presented at 1st Stakeholder meeting, 29/06/18 TWG1 meeting slides
11/06/2018 Draft Task 1: Product scope (definitions, standards and legislation) Task 1 v1.0
11/06/2018 Draft Task 2: Markets Task 2 v1.0
11/06/2018 Draft Task 3: User behaviour and system aspects Task 3 v1.0
11/06/2018 Draft Annex: Standards for the assessment of environmental performance Standards v1.0


Date Description Link
22/12/2017 1st Survey on product scope and definition (closed 19/01/18) EU Survey


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