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IAstar - a methodology for Appraising the Sustainability Implications of EC initiatives

In its Communication to the Council of Göteborg, "A sustainable Europe for a Better World", the Commission has announced an action plan to improve regulation to be submitted to the Laeken European Council in December. This will include mechanisms to ensure that all major legislative proposals include an assessment of the potential economic, environmental and social benefits and costs of action or lack of action.

In this context the IPTS has developed a methodology to integrate the environmental concerns into the definition and implementation of all community policies and initiatives. This methodology, The IA Plus tool, developed for DG Entreprise, is a structured "Checklist" of questions for appraising the impacts of policy initiatives in terms of environmental, innovation and competitiveness issues. It was designed to work optimally early on the policy-making process, typically when more than one policy option may be available.

Since 2004 a revised version of the IA Plus tool is available. The new tool, IAstar includes now also the assessment of economic and social factors. This enables the assessment of initiatives and policy in terms of environmental, economic and social concerns thus helping to understand the sustainability implications of these initiatives.

More information: IAstar - a Methodology for Appraising the Sustainability Implications of EC Initiatives

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