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IA Tools

IA Tools: a web based guide supporting Impact Assessment activities of the European Commission

IA TOOLS is a web based guide that supports the Impact Assessment activities within the European Commission, structured along the Impact Assessment guidelines of the Commission (SEC(2005)791). It was developed by a consortium of research institutes and it is hosted and maintained at IPTS. IA TOOLS supports the process of Impact Assessment (IA) by centrally collecting up to date information and data as well as by providing access to direct analytical support.

IA TOOLS is designed to support decision makers to assess the potential impacts, intended and unintended, of policy initiatives on the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability and the significance of those impacts.

In particular, IA TOOLS provides in depth information on the different impact area and indicators provided in the Commission guidelines, an inventory of good practices drawing from past IA activities, a guidance on quantitative models to assess different types of impacts, a handbook with references for all kinds of questions that may arise during an Impact Assessment.

More information: IA Tools web guide


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