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Clean technologies and Etap

Environmental Technologies in Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs)

SMEs make up 99% of all enterprises in Europe, account for the majority of new jobs created, and make an important contribution to achieving the European Union’s goal of more growth and more and better jobs. So the value of SMEs to an economically competitive Europe is enormous.

However, SMEs have a significant impact on environment, especially when considering the manufacturing of metal articles, of electrical and electronic equipments, the production of food and drink, tobacco etc. It is therefore important to analyse the process of adoption of environmental technologies within SMEs.

SMEs face specific barriers hindering the adoption of environmental technologies and specific measures should be developed to promote their adoption. The JRC/IPTS report: "Promoting Environmental Technologies in SMEs: Barriers and Measures" provides an insight in the way SMEs look at environmental technologies and identifies effective governmental measures that stimulate the adoption of environmental technologies by these enterprises. More specifically, an inventory of the measures for promoting the adoption of environmental technologies in 18 member states has been carried out along with the identification of different national "good practices".

Summing up, the study provides the ongoing work on Environmental Technologies Action Plan with a better understanding of the barriers SMEs face when adopting environmental technologies.

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