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IPP and Eco Design

Environmental improvement of products (IMPRO)

SUSPROC supports the Integrated Product Policy by identifying possible ways in which the life-cycle environmental impacts for some of the products with greatest environmental impact can be reduced (passenger cars, meat and diary products, housing).

The analysis first considers improvement potentials that are technically feasible. Following this, the associated socio-economic impacts will be considered and analysed. The analysis covers the following aspects:

  • Estimate and compare the environmental impacts of the products under a full life-cycle perspective.
  • Identify the main environmental improvement options related to the products addressing all the different life cycle stages and estimate the size of the environmental improvement potentials.
  • Assess the main improvement options regarding their feasibility and potential social and economic impacts.
  • What could be achieved at the various life cycle stages and what would be overall the environmental benefit of these various options?
  • What are the potential trade-offs between the different options and between the different types of environmental benefits?
  • What are the different barriers (economical, social, market, etc.)?


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