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Environmental impact of products (EIPRO)

This study supports the development of an EU Integrated Product Policy by clarifying which products that are consumed in the EU have the greatest environmental impacts from a life-cycle perspective. For this purpose a methodology for identifying the products needed to be developed and applied. The work started in January 2004 and was completed in May 2006. It was carried out with partner institutions of the European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO).

The results show that products from only three areas of consumption - food and drink, private transportation, and housing - together are responsible for 70-80 percent of the different environmental impacts of private consumption. These products also account for some 60 percent of consumption expenditure altogether. All other areas of consumption together account for no more than 20–30 percent of most environmental impacts. These findings are based on a review of existing studies plus supplementary work on a new methodology.

More information: Environmental Impact of Products (EIPRO) - Analysis of the life cycle environmental impacts related to the final consumption of the EU-25

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