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Green Public Procurement for Road Lighting and Traffic Signals


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In order to keep you up to date with the latest changes of the project, please check the information under Project plan and Documents.

Publication of draft EU GPP criteria for Road Lighting and Traffic Signals for final written consultation (March 2018)

The EU GPP criteria have been revised following stakeholder feedback during and after the September 2017 webinars. These criteria are now subject to a final written consultation period of approximately 6 weeks. Stakeholders are invited to submit their comments directly onto an html version of the technical report, which has been uploaded on the BATIS platform for registered stakeholders. The deadline for comments, which should be as concise as possible, is 13 May 2018. A pdf version of the same report is also available on this website for reference.

Publication of 2nd draft version of the Technical Report and EU GPP criteria proposals for Road Lighting and Traffic Signals (August 2017)

Significant changes have been made to the EU GPP criteria proposals since the 1st draft of the Technical Report that was published in October 2016. Criteria are now grouped by subject area (i.e. energy efficiency, light pollution or product lifetime) instead of project stage (e.g. design, installation, maintenance). This document will form the basis for stakeholder discussion during the September 2017 webinars.

The report can be accessed here

Call for expression of interest in the 2nd Ad Hoc Working Group meeting (deadline 10 September) (August 2017)

Stakeholders who wish to participate in the 2nd Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) meeting are advised to express their interest by email to: by the 10th September at the latest. The 2nd AHWG meeting will be split into two, 3-hour webinars to be hosted on Tuesday (pm) 19 September (focussing on energy efficiency criteria) and Thursday (pm) 21 September (focussing on light pollution and product lifetime criteria).

Publication of final version of the preliminary report for EU GPP criteria for Street Lighting and Traffic Signals (June 2017)

This document acts as a basis for further research into the ongoing revision process for EU GPP criteria for the procurement of road lighting and traffic signals. The report focusses on the product group scope and definition, relevant legislation, relevant technical standards, market analysis, a review of relevant LCA literature and a technical analysis of lighting technology.

The report can be accessed here


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