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This is the project website for a study developing European Union EU Green Public Procurement (EU GPP) criteria for "Public Space Maintenance". This study is being carried out by the Joint Research Centre's Directorate B - Growth and Innovation (JRC) for the European Commission's Directorate General for the Environment.

The EU GPP is "a process whereby public authorities seek to procure goods, services and works with a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle when compared to similar ones with the same primary function that would otherwise be procured". Although GPP is a voluntary instrument, it has a key role to play in the EU's efforts to become a more resource-efficient economy as it can help stimulate the demand for more eco-innovative, sustainable goods and services which otherwise would be difficult to get onto the market.

To this end, EU GPP criteria for Public Space Maintenance are currently being developed. Although EU GPP Criteria for Gardening Products and Services exists, these are in no way comparable to the anticipated EU GPP for the Maintenance of Public Space which incorporates and extends the scope of the former. Consequently, thus far, no EU GPP criteria on the subject of Maintenance of Public Space exists, and are being developed by the European Commission for the first time.

The aim of the EU GPP criteria on the Maintenance of Public Space is to deliver procurement criteria that reflect the latest technological development, while taking into account stakeholder opinions, current legal developments and other GPP initiatives. The criteria are expected to be ambitious enough to result in the "greening" of the maintenance of public space sector, without compromising its usability by all stakeholders. In the EU GPP criteria development process for this product group, European policies and legislation will mainly have been considered.

You can follow the progress of the study through this website. Stakeholder involvement is a crucial part of this study. By registering as a stakeholder, you can stay informed of latest through this site and engage in the consultative process.

The active participation of stakeholders is highly encouraged and welcome. Stakeholders can contribute by being conversant with project documents on the website, responding to questionnaires and/or participation at stakeholder meetings as well as in the consultation process.

Please use the feedback form to send us your comments. If you would like to contact us directly, we refer to the contact details of the project team.


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