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  ErP Preparatory Study for High-Pressure Cleaners  

Project plan

The Preparatory Study develops the background data analysis to a stage where policy-makers are enabled to propose a mix of policy options and technical requirements for the product group in question. The data to be compiled must comprehensively summarise the environmental, market, socio-economic and technical information for the product group concerned. The Preparatory Study addresses the following tasks, in accordance with the Methodology for the Ecodesign of Energy-related Products (MEErP) developed by the European Commission:

  • Task 1 – Scope
  • Task 2 – Markets
  • Task 3 – Users
  • Task 4 – Technologies
  • Task 5 – Environment and Economics
  • Task 6 – Design options
  • Task 7 – Scenarios

Stakeholder involvement is a crucial part of this study, for data collection and joint analysis. Stakeholder contact is organised through a structured technical working group process. Two Stakeholder Group meetings are planned for 2018/2019 (details to be announced).


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