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Resource Efficiency for the Building Sector


A public consultation on the first draft proposals for indicators has now opened. The consultation takes the form of an on-line questionnaire which can be completed using the EU Survey tool. The consultation will be open until the 7th October 2016.

The consultation questionnaire can be accessed via this link: [link to EU SURVEY questionnaire].

A short background guide to the consultation can be found here [link to the guide].

Following the conclusion of the initial research in support of Work packages B, as well as the initiation of Work Package C, the 'summary findings and indicator proposals for the life cycle environmental performance and resource efficiency of EU office and residential buildings' have been published [link to the summary document].

The 'summary findings and indicator proposals' publication is the main consultation document, providing a standalone summary of the interim findings from the scoping of the indicators, as well as outlining the first proposals for indicators and how they could work. This documents is supported by the technical background contained in the Draft version of Working Paper 2, which brings together the detailed interim technical findings of scoping research by the JRC.

The outcome of the consultation will be summarised in a short report. This report will be circulated among registered stakeholders in advance of the second stakeholder working group meeting, which is to be held in Brussels on 30/11/2016, in order to inform the discussions. The findings from both the consultation and the stakeholder working group meeting will then be used to inform preparation of the final framework of core indicators.


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