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Welcome to the home page of the 'Efficient Buildings' study to develop a common EU framework of indicators to assess the environmental performance of buildings.

In July 2014, as the result of an initiative lead jointly by DG ENV and DG GROWTH, the European Commission released the Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector - COM(2014)445. This Communication identified the need for a common European approach to assess the environmental performance of buildings throughout their lifecycle, taking into account the use of resources such as energy, materials and water.

In response to the need identified in the Communication, a study to identify an EU common framework of indicators to assess the environmental performance of buildings will be carried out by the JRC, during 2015-2017. DG ENV and DG GROW will lead development of the framework with the technical support of the Joint Research Centre, its in-house science service, and in close co-operation with relevant stakeholders. For that purpose different sub-groups of stakeholders will be set up to guide the process at different stages.

The aim is to develop a common framework that is open source in the sense that it should be possible to use it: 1) directly by building professionals and their clients to prioritise their focus for making environmental improvements, as well as; 2) indirectly by assessment and certification schemes to ensure that their criteria reflect priority areas of focus for resource efficiency at a European level and to assure the comparability of data and results. For more information you are most welcome to take look at the Project Overview here or you can contact the project team.

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