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Green Public Procurement for Data Centres


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Publication of the technical background documents and first criteria proposals

In advance of the first Ad-Hoc Working Group (AHWG1) meeting to be held in Sevilla, Spain on the 16th November, the technical background documents and first criteria proposals have now been published on JRC Product Bureau website. Publication follows an intense period of background research in order to inform the development of the first criteria proposals. The proposals focus on environmental performance in three broad criteria areas the Data Centre as a system, IT equipment and Mechanical & Electrical equipment.

Written comments on the documents and criteria proposals are invited from registered stakeholders and should be posted on the BATIS system at the latest by Friday 8th December 2017. Once stakeholders have registered they will be provided with access to the on-line consultation BATIS. The GPP Data Centres team looks forward to the active participation of stakeholders in the development of criteria for this product group.


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